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"Everybody can paint, not everyone can prep"


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A Bit About Us

Craftsman Grade Paint Jobs, No Exceptions

I have always felt that, "anybody can paint, not everyone can prep".
A high quality paint job is absolutely contingent on very, very good prep, and the use of superb coatings.
I am only interested in craftsman grade work, this standard comes at a premium, but its "pay me now or pay me later" when it comes to the longevity of the job and the appearance.
I have the experience and the needed equipment to do work that few can.
Specializing in Cabinet Painting and Refinishing, we utilize the best coatings in the world specifically designed for Cabinetry.  We understand Cabinet construction and focus on making sure that were putting coatings over a solid foundation.
Feel free to contact me to get a free estimate, Russ K

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Fine Finishing/Cabinet Refinishing

Full paint shop with dedicated spray equipment for the finest quality finishes, paint grade or clear, I can achieve a finish that is better than factory.

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Light Drywall Finishing

I have much experience in all aspects of drywall finishing.  From smooth plus 5 finish to all textures.  Do you have cracking?  I have unique methods for eliminating permanently.

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Window Restoration

Full window restoration services available.  Total paint and glazing removal.  Historic windows are made from old growth wood of the highest quality, they can last decades longer than new replacements.  When properly restored they are beautiful and energy efficient.

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Interior House Painting

Highest quality interior painting services.  Careful and thorough covering of all surfaces, very, very good prep of substrates to be painted.  Highest quality equipment from brushes to rollers to spray equipment yields results that few can achieve.

Exterior Painting & Staining

Exterior painting and staining is a investment. I specialize in this area both in the quality of the prep and the coatings that will be recommended.  I take a "Prep is everything" approach that results in the longest possible paint/stain jobs, and the most beautiful.

Restoration Grade Paint Removal

Full paint removal is required for the best longevity and the best appearance.  I have the needed equipment and experience to quickly do so.

Theres nothing cheaper in the long run than doing it right the first time.

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Fine Finishing/Painting Services 

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Craftsman Grade Paint Jobs


Great Prep Makes For A Quality Finish

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Pam Miller Girtz · October 2, 2017

Very happy with the painting done by Lakeview Services! There was much attention to detail with great explanation of what would be done to our home. We received a detailed estimate of what would be done and the cost. We would definitely recommend this company for all your painting needs!

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